Labiaplasty and fat transfer to labia majora at Setty Plastics and Aesthetics

Dr. Setty performs a wedge labiaplasty to reduce the size of the enlarged labia minora. Also, fat transfer to the labia majora is performed to help improve the youthful appearance of the labial area.


Alright, so we have our patient in what's called lithotomy position. I'm going to start working on her labiaplasty here. You can see I've marked out where she's really lost a lot of volume here, to her labia majora, this is where I'm going to add fat. I've also marked out what we're going to remove as far as the labiaplasty goes. You can see she's got a lot of this excess, so the idea is to remove that and bring these two edges together to give better contour there. So, removing all the way around there, and again, injecting fat here. I'll show you the fat that we have here in just a little bit.

Here's the fat that I got from her arms. Some really nice good looking yellow fat that I'm going to inject into the labia majora to get better contour there. Besides the labiaplasty, I'm going to show you what we're doing here. I'm working on her right side first. I remove this skin right here, and what I'm going to be doing is taking this to this, and closing like that. That's what's going to give her a much smaller shape here to her labia.

Now, they're a little swollen right now because I injected numbing medicine, but you can see how much a difference that makes between this side and this side, as far as the length of her labia. Okay, I want to show you guys the difference between the two sides here. So this side I've stitched, and you can see how much shorter her labia minora is here, versus the side I haven't done yet. You can see how much excess tissue she had, versus where we're at now, so it's going to be a big improvement for her. I'm going to work on this side to match this side, and then we're going to put the fat on the sides here, to the labia majora.

Alright, I've finished the labiaplasty, so you can see much better contour there. I've already put some fat in on this side, so I'm just finishing up. I've put about six ccs, that's going to make nine ccs of fat here, and you can see the better appearance there, to her labia, compared to how flat it is over here. So you can see just a more youthful appearance, and I'm going to do the same thing on this side.

Alright, we're finished with the labiaplasty and the fat transfer. So again, you can see the better contour there, that she has to her labia. And then, more full she has to the labia majora here. Definitely a much better appearance than she had before. You can see it there again from that view, just not all that excess skin that she had before.