Patient Questions - Injectables

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How often do I need to get botox?

Most patients feel more comfortable coming in every 2-3 months. Everyone metabolizes neurotoxins differently; a good rule of thumb is to call to schedule an appointment when you notice the first signs of movement. If you are creating a wrinkle in the skin you’ve waited too long!

What is a good age to start getting botox?

Botox is becoming more common as a preventative measure in your 20’s and early 30’s. It is much easier to prevent the lines from ever forming on your face instead of trying to erase them after years of wrinkling.

How long do I have to wait to put on makeup after getting botox or fillers?

I ask my patients to wait 1 hour prior to applying any makeup.

My friend gets botox and fillers and her face looks crazy. Am I going to look like that if I get botox or filler?

Well done injectables, whether it be botox or fillers, look natural and leave you looking like YOU, just rested and youthful. There are people walking around everywhere with nicely done injections that you would never take notice of. Unfortunately, we tend to notice and remember the poorly done work because it lacks that “natural” factor and stands out in our minds. Even multiple syringes of filler will look very natural if placed correctly. On the contrary, even the slightest bit of filler placed incorrectly can look strange and unnatural.

It is important to choose a provider based on experience, not bargain prices. Remember, you are paying for the person placing the product, not the product itself. And if your injector has a crazy face, that’s a pretty good indicator too

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