Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Life events such as childbirth, weight fluctuations, and aging can cause the soft tissues and skin of the vagina to lose elasticity, leading to both functional and aesthetic concerns. Our caring, experienced team at Setty Plastics & Aesthetics, helps women effectively address these issues without surgery through InMode’s innovative Votiva vaginal tightening in Dallas & McKinney, TX. 

Why Choose Setty Plastics & Aesthetics for Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Care?

As one of the pioneering plastic surgery practices in the McKinney and Dallas areas, Dr. Naveen Setty leads a team with a high level of expertise and skill. Dr. Setty's over 15 years of experience and board certification, along with state-of-the-art techniques, guarantees the best available options for patients seeking vaginal rejuvenation. Our staff's approachability and relatability create a comforting environment because we are people just like you.

Patients feel at ease with the compassionate and genuine care provided by a team who prioritize the safety and privacy of our patients. Moreover, team members, having undergone a similar experience, stand ready to connect with you and share their own journey, fostering trust and a better understanding of the procedure. We know the invaluable role that delivering natural-looking results that rejuvenate self-confidence plays in overall well-being. 

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How Vaginal Tightening with Votiva Works

This innovative treatment addresses the relaxation of internal vaginal tissues, external vulvar laxity, and labial hypertrophy (enlargement or elongation of the labia minora). By utilizing radiofrequency (RF) energy, Votiva strengthens and tightens the inner vagina, effectively tackling issues such as stress incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and vaginal dryness. Votiva’s use of thermal energy activates the body's natural collagen production, offering a surgery-free approach that restores the body's natural appearance.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening Techniques

  • Addresses laxity issues in the vaginal area
  • Tightens internal vaginal tissues
  • Improves external vulvar laxity
  • Reduces labial hypertrophy
  • Enhances vaginal function and aesthetics
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Non-surgical and minimally invasive
  • Improves conditions like stress incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and vaginal dryness
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Am I a Candidate for Vaginal Tightening?

Candidates for non-surgical vaginal tightening in Dallas & McKinney, TX at Setty Plastics & Aesthetics using Votiva by InMode typically experience laxity issues in their vaginal area, either internally or externally, due to childbirth, menopause, aging, or other life events. Individuals dealing with concerns related to stress incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and vaginal dryness are often suitable candidates. Labial hypertrophy, a condition characterized by enlarged or asymmetrical labia minora, might sometimes require a labiaplasty, a surgical procedure designed to reduce the size of or reshape the labia. Dr. Setty has expertise helping women attain their desired aesthetic and functional results, whether through non-surgical vaginal tightening or labiaplasty procedures, providing tailored solutions to address their individual concerns.

The Vaginal Tightening Procedure

During the vaginal tightening consultation, patients can expect a personalized discussion addressing their specific concerns. Dr. Setty or a qualified and experienced medspa technician on our team will conduct an examination and discuss the treatment outcomes in a private, comfortable space. The number of treatments required is typically determined during the consultation, although most patients will benefit from a series of three sessions spaced approximately one month apart. The Votiva vaginal tightening procedure involves several specific steps:


The treatment area will be cleaned, and any necessary numbing cream or gel may be applied to maximize comfort during the procedure.

Application of Votiva

A specialized handpiece will be utilized to deliver controlled radiofrequency energy externally on the labia and vulva and, if necessary, internally within the vaginal canal.

Thermal Stimulation

The emitted energy stimulates blood flow and the natural production of collagen, aiding in rejuvenating and tightening the targeted areas.

Temperature Monitoring

The procedure incorporates a built-in thermometer to regulate and adjust the temperature as needed for safety and optimal results.


Following the session, there might be minor redness, swelling, or mild discomfort, which typically subsides within a few hours. Multiple sessions will be scheduled to ensure sustained and improved results.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation Results

While many patients observe improvement after each session, noticeable results can take up to three months to manifest. These results typically last around 18 months, with yearly touch-ups helping to maintain results and prevent further deterioration.

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Schedule a Consultation Today to Discuss Your Options for Vaginal Tightening

To determine if Votiva is the right treatment for your vaginal rejuvenation, we invite you to meet with one of our providers in a confidential initial consultation at either our McKinney or Dallas offices. We value the confidence our patients have put in us to help them with this delicate and important concern and would like to be part of your journey to reclaim your feminine wellness. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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