Options for Breast Implants

Whether you're seeking to enhance your natural shape, restore volume after changes like pregnancy, or simply looking to feel more confident, understanding the array of choices available for breast implants can be an exciting step in achieving the silhouette you desire.

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Setty Plastics & Aesthetics in Dallas uses the Safest, High-Quality Implants

At Setty Plastics & Aesthetics, choosing our practice for breast augmentation with implants ensures a journey supported by unwavering safety measures, cutting-edge techniques, and modern equipment. Dr. Naveen Setty, a board-certified and highly experienced plastic surgeon, leads a team devoted to providing the utmost care and comfort, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere throughout your transformation. Our emphasis on delivering natural-looking results promotes not just physical enhancements, but overall well-being, empowering individuals to feel confident and beautiful in their unique way. As one of the very first plastic surgery practices in the McKinney community along with a long history in the North Dallas area, we are dedicated to maintaining our high standards, excellence in patient care and beautiful results.

Types of Breast Implants

Each type of implant has its own unique characteristics, and the choice between them depends on the patient's preferences, body type, and the desired outcome. It's crucial to discuss the options with Dr. Setty to determine the most suitable type for your individual needs and the aesthetic outcome you are looking for.

Saline Implants

These implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution inside a silicone outer shell once they are placed inside the breast, allowing for smaller incisions during surgery.


  • Cost-effective
  • Smaller incisions
  • Ruptures are easy to detect as the implant quickly deflates
  • Enables different volumes in each breast as the implant is filled during surgery


  • Feels less natural
  • Higher propensity for rippling
  • Elevated risk of rupture

Silicone Implants

Consisting of a silicone outer shell filled with a silicone gel, these implants provide a more natural and softer feel compared to saline.


  • Provides a more natural and softer feel
  • Reduced rippling compared to saline implants
  • Offers a less "augmented" appearance for patients with thinner skin


  • Costlier
  • Requires larger incisions (maybe 0.5 to 1 cm longer)
  • Not FDA approved for patients under the age of 22
  • Requires long term monitoring with ultrasound to ensure no leaking since ruptures can be “silent”

Structured Saline Implants

These implants have an inner structure that supports the implant edges to reduce rippling and offer a more natural appearance and feel.  They are filled with saline.


  • Results in smaller incisions
  • Provides a feel closer to silicone despite being filled with saline
  • Lower rupture rates
  • Maintains shape well
  • No risk of silent rupture


  • More expensive
  • Lacks the tactile feel of silicone

Gummy Bear (Form-Stable) Implants

Composed of a thicker, “gummy” silicone gel that holds its shape even if the outer shell breaks.


  • Retain shape even if the outer shell breaks
  • Thicker silicone gel provides firmness
  • Reduced risk of leaking or shifting


  • Firmer than traditional silicone implants
  • May feel less natural compared to softer implants
  • Requires a larger incision for placement

Round Breast Implants

These implants are circular in shape and can help enhance the fullness of the breast.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easier to insert due to their symmetrical shape
  • Can provide more fullness in the upper part of the breast


  • May not look as natural as teardrop-shaped implants depending on size and projection
  • Possibility of visible rippling, especially in thinner individuals
  • Limited options for projection and shape compared to other types

Anatomical (Teardrop) Breast Implants

Designed to mimic the shape of a natural breast, they are tapered at the top and fuller at the bottom.


  • Offer a more natural breast shape, especially in women with thinner breast tissue
  • Mimic the sloping shape of natural breasts
  • Can provide a more gradual and natural-looking curve


  • Higher cost compared to other implant types
  • More challenging to insert due to their asymmetrical shape requiring a larger incision
  • Rotation of the implant may result in an unusual appearance or the need for corrective surgery
  • Have a textured shell to help limit rotation.  However, a textured shell leads to risk of Breast implant associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) 
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Consult with Dr. Setty to Ensure You Get the Breast Implants that are Best for You

When considering breast augmentation, finding the right type of implant that prioritizes safety and aesthetics is crucial. Dr. Setty's expertise, emphasis on patient safety, and dedication to achieving natural, beautiful results make Setty Plastics & Aesthetics the ideal choice. By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Setty, you can explore various breast implant options tailored to your individual needs and aesthetic vision. Contact our offices in Dallas or McKinney today to schedule your consultation.

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