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About InMode Evolve

The InMode Evolve is a groundbreaking, hands-free technology used to reshape patients' bodies to match how they feel on the inside. It combines multiple technologies into a singular platform that is able to remodel skin, target fatty tissue, and tone muscles. The device uses thermal energy in order to treat the targeted area in a manner that is both efficient and effective. Dr. Naveen Setty uses the InMode Evolve for a number of procedures at Setty Plastics & Aesthetics in Dallas, TX.

The InMode Evolve is divided into three distinct systems:

  • Evolve Tite: Utilizes the power of RF energy to remodel and improve skin appearance

  • Evolve Trim: Transports thermal RF energy to the skin and underlying fat in order to reduce targeted areas of fat

  • Evolve Tone: Uses electromagnetic energy to cause muscle contractions, which result in a more contoured appearance

Benefits of InMode Evolve

As the only hands-free, noninvasive platform on the market, the InMode Evolve is able to resculpt skin, eliminate fat, and contour muscles all on a single platform. While this is happening, the patient is free to relax while reading a book or watching television. The device can simultaneously treat multiple zones of the body for an experience that is completely customized to your needs. Even with all of the various processes happening at once, there is no downtime after a treatment using the InMode Evolve. Patients can simply return to their daily schedule as soon as they walk out of our office.

What to Expect

All treatments using the InMode Evolve take place inside of our office. Patients will be asked to lie down on our treatment table while a member of our staff sanitizes the targeted area(s) and prepares it for the treatment. At this point, the device itself will be placed on the body for usually around an hour or less. While small improvements may be noticeable immediately, most patients will typically need to undergo 4 - 5 sessions to achieve the maximum benefits.

The InMode Evolve is completely noninvasive and hands-free. Additionally, it utilizes built-in visual monitors, optimal temperature controls, and color-blind radiofrequency technology to ensure the utmost safety of the patient.

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Don't let loose skin or stubborn pockets of fat keep you from feeling great about your body. The InMode Evolve can alleviate these issues for you without the need for surgery or recovery time. Contact Setty Plastics & Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation.

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