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Review from D.L.  |  Source: Google  |  Oct 27, 2018

After 2 children by c-sections, and 3 back surgeries which required entrance through my abdomen my body was no longer what it was beforehand. For 19 years I looked in the mirror on a DAILY basis and absolutely hated what I saw without clothes on. I would not undress in front of my husband and would go out of my way to make sure the lights were off or I was in a locked room so none would walk in on me and see the front of me. I researched procedures and surgeons at least once a week wanting to make sure that when I did this that it would be exactly what I wanted by only the best. I knew I wanted breast implants, Lipo on my back and sides, a tummy tuck, and a few skin tags removed. From the moment I scheduled my consult I was put at ease, Nichole who scheduled my consult was extremely nice and helpful yet very professional. Kelly immediately acknowledges you when you walk into the office and has the kindest and sweetest personality. Giovanna is there with you thru every single step from start to end and leaves nothing out or unanswered. Jessica was extremely discreet and was very informative if I had needed financial help. Dr. Settys himself is a truly amazing artist, and life changer. I call him my angel in disguise. He makes you feel the most comfortable you have ever felt around anyone without clothes on. No question or concern is unacceptable. He listens to you and what you want and gives you exactly that plus more. My body did not look this amazing even before my first pregnancy. The day of my procedure which was at Craig Ranch surgery Center (which by the way is a extremely nice facility with amazing people which is important to me) Dr. Setty came in and talked me to make sure that I was at ease before my procedure. The anesthesiologist that Dr. Setty uses calls you the night before which I’ve never had done and that was a huge deal for me, who also comes into to talk to you before he puts you under so you are at ease from that side. When I awoke from my procedure (I don’t recall much of it) my husband said I was never left unattended or in pain at any given time. I arrived home late that night and began to rest and the next morning Dr. Setty called me to check on me. Once again something I have never experience with any of my Dr’s in the past. I had a question one night at 10:30pm about my belly button and Dr. Setty called me back within 2 minutes literally. I was blown away by how you are catered to. This entire experience (I am now 6 weeks out) is beyond words the kindness, care, and professionalism Dr. Setty and his entire staff give you from the moment you schedule your appointment and long after your procedure is finished. I also have had by Nichole at his Dallas Location which is his med spa office coolsculpting on my neck, laser hair removal on my face and microneedling on my face as well from years of not taking care of my skin and that location is amazing as well. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Setty and his staff which I consider my family for giving me back my body and most important my life. More

Review from C.M.  |  Source: Google  |  May 28, 2018

I went in for Coolsculpting on my flanks this past Saturday. I was interested in getting Lipo however, I'd like to try a non-invasive approach and a minimum amount of down time. I spoke with Jessica at Dr. Setty's office and she suggested giving Coolscultping a chance since I have a small frame and do not have very much fluff in that area. More of the fat pockets from my first pregnancy despite my workout routine fat won’t go away. Jessica was able to explain the process and get me on the schedule the upcoming Saturday. I saw Samantha and was there a total of 2 hours. Although it is too early to see any results I want to talk more about my experience and procedure. Samantha was very sweet and attentive. Upon being checked in I was taken to a room where I was weighed and several photos were taken. Laura came in and introduced herself and was very knowledgeable. She helped determine the appropriate equipment to be used based on the amount of fat on my hips. Best suited for me would be the petite. My hips were cleaned and then I laid down to begin prepping. Prepping consisted of a wet and cold towel like cloth that laid over my hips and the cup like equipment was laid over to act as a suction. The total time per hip was about 35 mins. For the first 3-5 mins i felt tingling sensation on my hips and that was about it. I felt asleep during the second portion of Coolsculpting when we got to my second hip. I felt no pain. After the 35 mins the suction like cup was removed and the treated area was massaged. First flank was numb and felt no discomfort. The only discomfort I felt was during the massaging on my second hip. I was told I should drink a lot of water, no Advil or Aleve as it interferes with the healing process and to take it easy as in light exercise for 24-48 hours (no hard cardio within that time). I am on day two and completed my first workout (weights and HIIT) and I did feel a little discomfort on my hips and numbness but no pain. I have a follow up in 6 weeks and will determine what the results are and if I will need a second treatment. I will certainly try to update and encourage anyone who is interested in getting Coolsculpting. More

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