Embrace Scar Therapy for Tummy Tuck/Breast Surgery

Cosmetic surgery often leads to dramatic and significant changes for patients. While the results can be outstanding, patients often are concerned about the scars that are produced. As a plastic surgeon, my goal is to try and minimize the unavoidable scars. This is done usually by placing scars in areas that will be less visible. Even when scars are hidden, they can be bothersome if they heal poorly or thicken with time. While there are many scar treatments available, none have been shown to consistently make scars better. However, there now appears to be a therapy that can improve scars in certain situations.

Embrace scar therapy works by relieving tension that can occur as a scar heals. When tension is constantly placed on a healing wound, the body’s own healing process gets ramped up. This process then leads to excessive scar formation. If this tension can be relieved during the critical early phases of wound healing, the final scar can be much finer. Embrace scar therapy is composed of a unique silicone elastomer material that when applied to the skin, shrinks and pulls the skin edges together thus taking tension off the wound. In most cases, the scar therapy is applied as early as 2 weeks after surgery and continued weekly for a total of 8-12 weeks. Not only does the idea of Embrace scar therapy make sense, there is actually high-level data that supports its benefit. So if you are interested in getting a tummy tuck or breast augmentation or breast lift in the McKinney or Dallas area and want the best possible result regarding your scar, come see us to discuss the use of Embrace scar therapy.

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