Men and women who have realistic expectations and goals can benefit greatly from cosmetic plastic surgery. You can enhance your looks and boost your confidence when you pick the best plastic surgeon for your procedure. In McKinney, TX, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Naveen Setty is well-known for his ability to make his patients feel comfortable and welcome. From your initial consultation to your plastic surgery recovery, you’ll experience honesty, encouragement, and sensitivity from Dr. Setty and his staff. Dr. Setty can help you determine if cosmetic plastic surgery is right for you, and outline a plan to help you achieve stunning results.

Have Realistic Expectations

You should not go into your plastic surgery consultation with the expectation that your body will suddenly look like someone else’s after the procedure is finished. Cosmetic plastic surgery is designed to enhance your natural appearance, not alter it beyond recognition. In addition, if you have deep-seated issues about your physical body, surgery may not be the cure-all solution that you’re hoping for.

Discuss Your Reasons for Surgery with the Best Plastic Surgeon

There are varying reasons why you might want a plastic surgery procedure. For example, many patients who contemplate a breast augmentation want to restore their pre-baby volume, while others want to increase what they already have. The decision to have surgery is a personal one, and should only be done for yourself, not for anyone else. Dr. Setty spends a lot of time talking to his patients and addressing their questions and concerns during an initial consultation. He explains the types of discussions involved in a typical breast augmentation consultation.

“I sit down with them, talk to them, find out their reasons for doing this and what their goals are. Then after we've taken pictures and I've examined them, I go through a full presentation on the pros and cons of getting a breast augmentation, the different kinds of implant choices, incision locations, where we put the implants, and why we put them there. We talk about the risks involved and the plastic surgery recovery. It's one of our longer consultations because of all the education and detail that's involved.” - Dr. Setty

No matter which procedure you choose, Dr. Setty will spend time with you discussing your reasons and expectations.

Budget For Your Procedure

The best plastic surgeon is one who is willing to discuss your options and help you achieve your goals without leaving you in a tough financial situation. Because it is elective, cosmetic surgery is usually not covered by most health insurance plans. Here are the estimated total costs of just a few of the cosmetic plastic surgery procedures that Dr. Setty offers.

Breast Augmentation $6,100 - $7,200

Breast Lift $5,500 - $7,000

Liposuction $3,000 - $5,500

Tummy Tuck $7,100 - $10,500
FaceTite $4,500 - $6,000

Dr. Setty offers both CareCredit, where you can make convenient monthly payments instead of a lump sum prior to treatment, and ALPHAEON Credit, which gives patients a wide array of flexible, monthly payment options to help you reach your aesthetic goals. When you invest in cosmetic surgery, you’re making an investment in yourself for the long term. Be sure you know all your financial options beforehand.

Risks During Your Procedure and Your Plastic Surgery Recovery

The best plastic surgeons should be upfront and honest with you about the possible risks that can occur during your surgery. Don’t be afraid to ask your surgeon questions about potential safety concerns. Dr. Setty says, “Any time patients have decided to go through elective cosmetic surgery, they already have some doubt because it is elective and it's something they don't have to do. Anything they can do to reduce their anxiety or worry about risk in the future I think is beneficial for them.”

Depending on the procedure you choose, you will need some time to recover before you are able to go back to your daily activities. Find out what activities are restricted during the recovery process, and what kind of physical effects you can expect. Quite often, recovering from cosmetic surgery can also be an emotional process, so talk to your surgeon about ways to handle the new changes in your life.

Dr. Setty says, “I was actually a patient, not from a cosmetic standpoint, but I was a reconstructive surgery patient so I understand that feeling of being in a physician's office or being at the hands of a physician and other people and trying to get that trust and build that trust. So it's important that we build that relationship with our patients.”

At Setty Plastics & Aesthetics, Dr. Setty cares about each individual patient and promises to address all your questions and concerns. He is committed to supporting you before surgery, throughout the surgery process, during your plastic surgery recovery, and beyond. Dr. Setty is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and was recently recognized as an IDEAL IMPLANT® Premier Network Surgeon due to his extensive experience working with IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implants. Call Dr. Setty at 972-842-0900 to book your no-obligation consultation today!

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