Do you feel like no matter how hard you try to lose weight, those love handles just stay put? Unfortunately, there are certain areas of our body where we have a harder time getting rid of fat than others. Whether it’s your thighs that give you trouble, your “muffin top”, or another area, liposuction can help you achieve a slim figure by suctioning out those stubborn fat pockets that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Google, “liposuction near me”, and you’ll instantly see a list of plastic surgeons around the Dallas area that offer liposuction. So, how do you know which office to choose? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Naveen Setty offers not only traditional liposuction, but also many advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques to give you the proportionate, beautiful figure you want. 

Different Methods of Liposuction in McKinney, TX

Traditional Liposuction

For the most dramatic results, tumescent liposuction with a traditional, power-assisted, or ultrasound-assisted liposuction tool is a great option. You will be put under general anesthesia, Dr. Setty will make incisions, and then he will suction out the fat using a cannula (a thin, hollow tube) in an outpatient setting.


You can also get fantastic results with BodyTite™ if your problem areas are smaller, or combine it with traditional lipo in the operating room. “Liposuction near me” patients that want less recovery time can benefit from this technology. BodyTite uses radiofrequency energy to dissolve fat, and can target fat cells and tighten the skin at the same time. This procedure has been approved by the FDA as being safe and effective. The BodyTite process can last between 30 – 45 minutes per area using a local anesthetic. Heat causes the fat cells to liquefy for a quick removal with a liposuction cannula. This prevents an uneven or irregular appearance on the surface of the skin, producing smoother, more natural-looking results. Most patients don’t see as much bruising or swelling with BodyTite as they would after traditional lipo. BodyTite causes less trauma to the body, which means less pain in the administered areas.


Similar results to those you can get from traditional liposuction in McKinney, TX can be achieved using CoolSculpting®. This is a fat cell minimizing procedure that freezes difficult fat for elimination without surgery. The procedure uses monitored cooling, also known as cryolipolysis, to freeze fat cells so that they can be organically removed from your body to create a slimmer figure. In most cases, you can return to work right away and results can be enjoyed within 3 weeks.


SculpSure® is another great option for patients who want to get rid of excess fat without surgery. Dr. Setty says, “The treatment itself is relatively painless, and the best thing about the treatment is it’s non-surgical and requires really no downtime.” The laser lipolysis technology in SculpSure identifies and attacks fat cells. Direct hyperthermic energy melts and disrupts the fat cells in that select area, forcing the cells to break down. As the days and weeks pass by after treatment, these fat cells disintegrate and are naturally eliminated from the body. 


If you are bothered by visible creases and wrinkles or loose skin around the neck, jowls, and chin, but don’t want a surgical facelift or neck lift, Dr. Setty offers FaceTite at his office. This is a nonsurgical procedure which tightens, lifts, and restores your skin, offering surgery-like results without the scars and with minimal downtime. FaceTite is performed under local anesthesia and can also be combined with traditional liposuction around the neck area for fantastic results.

Combining “Liposuction Near Me” With Other Procedures

If you are extremely overweight or considered obese, liposuction in McKinney, TX will not be able to suddenly make you thin again. However, you can combine liposuction with other cosmetic procedures such as a breast augmentation or tummy tuck in a “Mommy Makeover” surgery if you’re looking to improve several areas of your body at one time. At Setty Plastics & Aesthetics, you can save time and money if you combine procedures rather than getting each one done separately. You can also ask Dr. Setty about combining a variety of surgical and non-surgical services at your initial consultation.

No matter which procedure you choose, Dr. Setty will do everything he can to make sure you’re confident in your decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Setty says, “I was actually a patient, not from a cosmetic standpoint, but I was a reconstructive surgery patient so I understand that feeling of being in a physician's office or being at the hands of a physician and other people and trying to get that trust and build that trust. So it's important that we build that relationship with our patients.”

Get Stunning Results with Dr. Setty

Dr. Setty’s patients appreciate his kind and compassionate manner and his ability to consistently make them feel at ease for their “liposuction near me” procedure.

“Dr. Setty and his staff are truly amazing and make you feel comfortable from the beginning. He answered all my questions and concerns and took his time each visit. I had a tummy tuck done about 7mths ago along with some liposuction to my inner outer thighs. Then about a week ago I went back in for liposuction of my thighs along with Body Tite. The recovery has been so easy and loving my results already!! I’m so thankful I found Dr. Setty he’s gave me my confidence back and I absolutely love my results!” review from momofboys02

Dr. Setty is an expert plastic surgeon with recognition by as a "Top Doctor", and an IDEAL IMPLANT® Premier Network Surgeon for his unsurpassed experience using the IDEAL IMPLANT in breast enhancement surgery. Call Dr. Setty at 972-842-0900 for more information about liposuction in McKinney, TX and set up your no-obligation consultation today!

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