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About Body Lifts

Accomplishing the goal of losing a significant amount of weight can be life changing. At Setty Plastics & Aesthetics, we understand that weight loss transformation is not just about dropping the weight. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Naveen Setty routinely provides body lift patients not only to improve their quality of life, but to also help them attain the body they worked hard to achieve. Even with daily exercise and weight training, lax skin cannot be "worked off." Whether the weight loss is from a lifestyle change (healthy eating habits and consistent exercise) or after bariatric surgery, excess skin on the tummy, thighs, and buttocks can make you look and feel deflated.

A surgical body lift is a contouring procedure that removes loose skin and fat to lift and reshape specific sections of the body. This surgery concentrates on the middle and lower body, including the buttocks, stomach, flanks, low back, and thighs. Based on the amount of skin removed, an incision all the way around the waist may be performed, which permits the highest amount of lift and skin excision. Dr. Setty has specific experience with lift surgeries to help patients not just achieve their weight goals but also finish their total transformation with a tight body and definition. You can consult with Dr. Setty at his office in McKinney or Dallas TX.

Ideal Candidates

The best candidates for lower body lift surgery are typically people who have lost a large amount of weight and are confronted with different medical and cosmetic challenges the skin brings. Wrinkled, loose skin on the upper thighs and buttocks, skin that pouches on the stomach, and sagging skin across the core will not go away without surgery. Candidates considering this surgery need to understand expectations that are realistic, which can be talked about with Dr. Setty during your consultation. First, scars are a component of this surgery because of the size of the incisions. Next, the surgery does require a longer recovery period versus other elective surgeries. Lastly, it's critical that you are at or near a healthy weight before contemplating a body lift surgery.

Surgical Technique

Every body lift patient has the chance to create the best version of him or herself through this extensive surgery. It may be performed in a hospital and require an overnight stay so that vitals can be monitored after this lengthy surgery. Most patients have some combination of tummy tuck, thigh lift, buttocks lift, back lift, and liposuction. In some cases, he may also perform a breast lift as well. This is an extensive surgery performed with general anesthesia in 4 – 7 hours.

Dr. Setty will make incisions as inconspicuous as possible (in the natural folds of the skin or where a scar can be hidden by clothing). Working in a concentric fashion around your body, Dr. Setty will make precise incisions to remove loose skin around the hips and upper buttocks. He may also use liposuction to remove stubborn pockets of fat to smooth the contour of your skin. Sutures will be used to close the incisions. Once the surgery is complete, you will recuperate in the post-op recovery room. Dr. Setty will evaluate you the next day to see if it is appropriate for you to be discharged. When it is time to go home, you will wear a compression garment. This is not optional as it will expedite your healing process. You must wear this garment for six weeks.

What to Expect

If you are concerned about surgical scars, our team can help you with a strategy on how to care for your skin so that the scars will fade with time. Down the road, you may consider noninvasive treatments that help with scarring or use a daily topical scar therapy.

A lower body lift is classified as a complex surgery. It takes many patients about 2 – 3 weeks to get back to light activities and six months to do strenuous activities. While the recovery period may feel long, the results can be extraordinary, providing patients with a tighter, smoother body without the loose skin that holds them back from enjoying their new physique. Many of Dr. Setty's patients report that the body lift is a transformation experience inside and out.

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Setty Plastics & Aesthetics employs many compassionate team members in the cosmetic industry. Dr. Setty invites all weight loss patients to discuss our skin removal treatments and choices for skin rejuvenation. Setty Plastics & Aesthetics takes pride and joy in working with our patients to reach their cosmetic goals. If you are concerned about extra skin and loose folds in the core sections of your body, you could be a candidate for body lift surgery. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Setty and let him explain this amazing plan with you.

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