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About CoolSculpting

Cutting-edge CoolSculpting is a fat cell minimizing procedure created to sculpt and shape the body by freezing difficult fat for elimination without surgery. The procedure uses monitored cooling, also known as cryolipolysis, to freeze fat cells so that they can be organically removed from your body to create a slimmer silhouette. At Setty Plastics & Aesthetics in Dallas and McKinney, TX led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Naveen Setty, we use this advanced technology to help you realize your nonsurgical fat reduction goals. Schedule an appointment for more information about CoolSculpting and find out if this procedure is the right one for you.

What Are The Benefits Of CoolSculpting?

For our Dallas, TX patients who are ready for a change to areas of excess fat cells that have been resistant to alternative forms of methods, such as diet and exercise, CoolSculpting at Setty Plastics & Aesthetics is a good treatment solution to explore that allows for a lot of advantages, including:

  • No recovery or downtime, in comparison to highly invasive services such as liposuction
  • Natural-looking, radiant results that you may observe nearly immediately
  • Reduction of stubborn fat cells
  • FDA-approved, safe, and effective treatment

Ideal Candidates

Although this minimally invasive procedure has shown to be beneficial for both men and women of all age groups, those most likely to benefit from CoolSculpting:

  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Deal with difficult areas of fat that don't respond to diet and exercise
  • Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Are intimidated by or are not ideal candidates for surgery
  • Have sensible outlooks for the results of their treatments

Procedure Technique

Following your initial appointment with Dr. Setty to design your treatment plan, your first CoolSculpting will be arranged. At your appointment, a gel pad and CoolSculpting applicator are used on the treatment area and cryolipolysis will be initiated. The cooling technology will target and freeze the fat. It is not uncommon to experience a cold sensation while receiving the procedure, but this should not uncomfortable. Because the tool uses suction to pull the targeted fat toward the area to be treated, you may experience a minor pulling sensation, which is normal.

What to Expect

As CoolSculpting is noninvasive, you can return to your daily activities. In most cases, patients can return to work immediately. You may feel or see some redness, swelling, bruising, stinging, and soreness of the treatment area. These symptoms are short-lived and typically fade in the hours after your treatment. You should expect to enjoy results within three weeks, with the most impressive results appearing 1 – 3 months following your CoolSculpting procedure.

Expected Cost

The cost for Coolsculpting ranges from $600-$750. Additional discounts are available for packages. 

CoolSculpting FAQ

Is CoolSculpting safe?
CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical, topical treatment in which the apparatus is applied simply to your skin’s surface. With this procedure, there is no need for a healing period. You may experience some minor swelling and redness immediately after treatment, but that typically only lasts for approximately a week.

How many treatment sessions will I need?
The number of treatments necessary to reach your desired outcome will be determined during your consultation. For some patients, only one treatment is sufficient, but other patients may require more therapy sessions depending on the quantity of fat being treated. The total number of sessions depends on your aesthetic goals and if there are thicker layers of fat in target areas.

Can the fat cells grow back?
While the fat cells can't regrow, new fat cells may form. Furthermore, considerable weight gain will greatly impact your results. So in order to maintain optimal effects, it's necessary to adhere to a healthy diet and workout routine.

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Average Cost  
$600 - $750
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35 Minutes – 8 Hours
Post-op Follow-up  
4 – 6 Weeks
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Slimmer Contour

No body is perfect and each of us has things we would love to change, such as specific deposits of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. Because of technological advances, it is no longer necessary to decide between dealing with the unwanted fat and surgical fat removal. Setty Plastics & Aesthetics is proud to offer DFW area residents CoolSculpting to reduce sections of stubborn fat without surgery for a slimmer, smoother body contour. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Setty to decide if you qualify for CoolSculpting or whether a different treatment would be more appropriate for your circumstance.

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